Common Social Media Marketing Errors

Every single company these days needs to rely on a social media marketing effort to get its brand and solutions in front of the target audience in a more organic fashion without relying on paid advertising options.

However, despite all the different opportunities that social media platforms provide companies in terms of promotion, a company’s efforts can also backfire if a business does specific things that can be perceived wrongly by the audience.


Automation can really help companies manage all of the work they have a lot easier, and more.

However, businesses that get too dependent on the automation tools that they have can quickly end up losing the human touch that’s incredibly beneficial for building a relationship with the target audience and developing a brand persona.

This is a common mistake that companies tend to face in terms of social media marketing because relying on automation too much can end up badly for companies.

Not only that, but oftentimes, when a mistake does end up happening from automation efforts, companies end up realizing it far too late, long after the point when they could have mitigated the situation a lot better.

In fact, when companies only rely on automation in terms of their social media marketing efforts, they can end up making a mistake that cost their reputation before they ever realize what happened.

When companies want to rely on automation, advanced tools are a lot better choice because they can use triggers which allows companies to engage with the audience based on the behavior of that audience, which means they can leverage any opportunities for connection with social media users a lot better.


A lot of companies tend to just create a social media marketing plan or campaign and forget about it.

This kind of plan needs to be a living document, which means every time a company generates any sort of data or insights from the metrics it tracks about the performance of a campaign, that information needs to be used to improve the plan or the campaign immediately.

However, to do that companies first have to be in a position where they can see the impact of all of their past promotional actions and efforts.

Getting insights into what the company has done in the past, and how those actions have performed with the audience can do a lot in terms of planning for future efforts and campaigns.

That’s why companies have to rely on the right analytics tools that will assess the performance of every social media marketing effort the company pursues.

Additionally, when a company is able to track its analytics, it’s going to be a lot better when creating targeted promotional efforts that are going to improve the quality of the overall social media marketing campaigns.

That means companies have to monitor conversations, engagement, buying trends, and more on social media.

Mike Paffmann is the CEO of Virgo PR. He has previously worked as a Vice President at Clarity PR, 5WPR, and Highwire PR.

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