Promoting a Company Through PR and Marketing

There are many different reasons why a company might find itself in a media outlet, and it’s best for companies looking to get that kind of exposure to do it for positive reasons. With the right marketing and public relations strategies, any company can promote itself better and generate some positive media coverage. Sales Companies … Read more

The Importance of Voice in Thought Leadership

Running a company doesn’t make business owners automatically interesting in terms of generating media coverage through thought leadership. Although plenty of business owners might have a lot of valuable insights they need to share, there are plenty of other business owners that are running their own companies in the same market. To stand out from … Read more

SEO Strategies for Businesses

Every type of business needs to have a sound SEO strategy to achieve more success and support its promotional efforts and growth. However, small businesses need to invest a lot more in SEO efforts compared to most, and the biggest investment they need to make is time.  The right SEO strategies can help even the … Read more

Measuring PR Efforts

To measure PR efforts correctly today, media monitoring tools are needed. Special attention must be paid to brand mentions,brand impact, media reach, sentiment analysis, and crisis communications among others. Brand mentions include how many times a brand and its associated hashtags and keywords have been mentioned online within a given period of time. Brand impact … Read more

Helping Audiences Understand Complicated Content Topics

Many companies have a difficult time creating content around complex topics in a way that’s going to be understandable by the target audience. To improve their efforts companies first need to figure out the knowledge levels of the target audience and understand the topic they want to discuss well. However, aside from that, companies should … Read more