Top Programmatic Advertising Platforms for Businesses

Practically every company that wants to gain a competitive advantage has started utilizing programmatic advertising to improve its campaigns. However, there are plenty of programmatic advertising platforms that companies can use for their advertising campaigns, which means it’s not always easy for businesses to choose the best one for them. Google Ad Manager One of … Read more

Digital Ad Types and Benefits

The change in the way that the Internet transformed the advertising industry ended up democratizing this industry.

With the help of digital ads, even small businesses can compete on the same platforms as popular brands, and have access to the same targeting features.

Almost two out of every three small businesses use digital ads to reach new potential customers and this industry is expected to grow to over $600 billion in the next couple of years.

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Driving Traffic Through Search Engine Rankings

The top search results on Google tend to receive nearly 40% of all organic clicks, which means whenever a potential consumer is looking up something on search engines using a company’s targeted keywords or phrases, they’re most likely to click on the first result that they see and then ignore every other underneath it.

Most companies work hard and are always striving for that coveted first spot in search engine results pages (SERPs), as it can lead to many positive results for companies.

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Reusing Old Content for SEO Efforts

Most companies aren’t aware that they can use the reduce, reuse, and recycle model that’s common in waste management in their SEO efforts. However, plenty of businesses can benefit from revising their website content on a regular basis, removing any content that decreases the company’s website rank in search engine results pages, and updating old content with new information.

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The Importance of Digital Reputation

Having a positive reputation in today’s digital era is incredibly important for companies.

That’s because once a company’s reputation is damaged, it can be very difficult to repair it and restore it to what it once was.

A damaged reputation can easily sway the opinions of many consumers, which results in a decrease in sales or business deals.

That’s why companies need to utilize digital reputation management strategies and monitor the digital space for mentions of their brand.

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