Importance of a Calendar for Social Media Content

Companies that want to be more consistent with their social media marketing content should be utilizing a social media calendar. This type of calendar helps companies get a better overview of all their upcoming social media content, which, in turn, helps them become more strategic with the content creation and publication process, as well as … Read more

Helping Audiences Understand Complicated Content Topics

Many companies have a difficult time creating content around complex topics in a way that’s going to be understandable by the target audience. To improve their efforts companies first need to figure out the knowledge levels of the target audience and understand the topic they want to discuss well. However, aside from that, companies should … Read more

Burger King Pride Whopper PR Crisis

In the Pride month, there has been a flurry of rainbow-tinted commercials. Some advertisements have been criticized for using sexualized imagery to attract the attention of LGBTQ consumers during the Pride month. Opinions are divided on whether the advertisements are irreverent tools that appear to be discriminatory against queer sex or whether they symbolize progress. … Read more

Top Examples of Great Ad Campaigns

During the pandemic, plenty of companies had to resort to creating digital targeted ad campaigns to reach their target audiences. Businesses that want to improve their targeted ad efforts can learn a lot from some of the top ad campaigns that have been created in the last few years. 360Learning 360Learning created a targeted advertising … Read more