Effectively Managing a Reputation

The reputation of a company is incredibly important, especially in today’s digital era as companies can rely on their reputation to build trust and relationships with their target audiences, employees, as well as investors. With a positive reputation, companies can grow a lot more effectively and get better returns on their investments, and one of … Read more

Live Streaming Basics for Businesses

With the number of digital marketing tools and opportunities that companies have at their disposal, plenty of businesses still tend to wonder whether they should start investing in live video content in the first place. After all, many businesses, don’t see the difference between live video content on any other type of video content, that … Read more

Generating Growth Through Live Streaming

Live video content, also known as live streaming, has managed to take over many social media platforms and has proven to be a very effective way for individuals and companies to reach their target audiences. That means companies can’t afford not to start investing in this promotional effort. Especially in terms of the numbers and … Read more

Measuring PR Efforts

To measure PR efforts correctly today, media monitoring tools are needed. Special attention must be paid to brand mentions,brand impact, media reach, sentiment analysis, and crisis communications among others. Brand mentions include how many times a brand and its associated hashtags and keywords have been mentioned online within a given period of time. Brand impact … Read more