Generating Growth Through Live Streaming

Live video content, also known as live streaming, has managed to take over many social media platforms and has proven to be a very effective way for individuals and companies to reach their target audiences. That means companies can’t afford not to start investing in this promotional effort. Especially in terms of the numbers and the benefits that companies can get from investing in live video. According to research, around 80% of consumers prefer consuming live video content, compared to written content, and over 80% of them prefer live video content compared to general social media content. There are many reasons why consumers these days prefer this type of content, compared to any other, with one of the most important ones being the fact that consumers are looking for openness, approachability, and authenticity from the businesses that they interact with more than they ever have before. This is precisely the type of advantage that companies can get from investing in live video content, as it allows them to show the processes and the people behind the business to the target audience, which fosters openness, honesty, and authenticity that consumers are looking for these days.


One of the platforms that allow companies to share live video content with their audiences is Facebook, and more specifically its feature Facebook Live. It also allows companies to see the names, as well as the comments, and even the number of people that are watching the content in real time, which means companies can modify the content that they’re sharing through their live stream in real time, to better engage with the people that are watching the stream. Then, the videos are automatically saved to the business page of the company, once the stream is over.


Aside from Facebook, Instagram also has a live streaming feature, called Instagram Live, and in fact, companies can combine both Facebook and Instagram live to simultaneously stream on both platforms as long as the business accounts for each one of those platforms are connected. On Instagram Live specifically, companies get the opportunity to collaborate with other accounts and their guests, add filters and ask their viewers questions to generate more engagement.


Another platform that companies can use to share their live video content on is TikTok, which is also the fastest-growing social media platform all over the world. Although the platform has a very popular capability, that includes streaming videos live, it’s important for companies to know that their accounts first must be eligible so they can get the feature included. Some of the requirements to become eligible include following the community guidelines on the platform, and having an account that has over 1000 followers. From there, companies can start sharing their live video content on the platform and get their followers to engage with it.