Implementing Successful Programmatic Advertising Strategies

Over 50% of media budgets in the US are currently dedicated to programmatic advertising efforts. In the past, programmatic advertising campaigns were only available for brands and agencies that had big budgets.

However, with the rising popularity of self-service programmatic software and platforms, smaller companies now have the same access.

Companies that would best benefit from programmatic advertising efforts include those that are looking to improve brand awareness, increase leads and conversions, or grow their reach towards the target audience.

However, companies that are looking to invest in programmatic advertising efforts have to take the right steps in order to implement the strategy successfully.

Audience Segmentation

Companies should divide their target audiences into smaller groups that are based on shared characteristics.

Those characteristics can include things like interests, demographics, and behavior.

With this strategy, companies will be able to effectively target very specific groups with their ad campaigns.

While this step can take a bit of time to set up, and while companies also need to create separate ads for each audience segment, in the end, they’ll be able to create highly relevant ads that increase the odds of generating conversions from the audience.

Buying Journey

The key to achieving success with programmatic advertising is understanding the buying journey.

To do that, companies need to learn about their target audience, what they want to achieve, and all of the steps that they take to reach their goals.

Once a business knows this information, it’s going to be able to map out the buying journey and then identify key touchpoints where programmatic ads are going to be the most effective.

By delivering programmatic ads at those touchpoints, companies will be able to drive more sales than ever before.

Retargeting campaigns

One of the most effective ways that companies can generate more sales is by targeting people who are already interested in the business or its solutions.

For instance, if a business knows that a customer has already visited its website and looked at a specific product, through programmatic advertising, that customer can be targeted with ads for that specific product that they were interested in.

This is what retargeting campaigns are all about, and they’re an extremely efficient way for companies to generate more sales.

Through retargeting campaigns, companies can show ads to consumers who have already visited their business website or taken a specific action, such as viewing a specific product or adding a product to the shopping cart.

Additionally, to better target those customers, companies can provide their customers with different incentives that will make them more likely to make a purchase, such as offering them a discount.