What is Integrated Marketing?

Virgo PR creates a unified experience for consumers when they interact with a brand. The goal here is to combine all of the different marketing and communication aspects, such as public relations, direct marketing, advertising, social media, and sales promotion, with the right methods, channels, and tactics.

This is a process made to ensure that all of the communication and messaging the consumers receive will be consistent across all the available and involved channels, and everything is centered around the consumer. All marketing campaigns are meant to resonate across the brand’s channels and expand their ability to directly communicate with the target audience.

Although an integrated marketing campaign can have different goals, such as increasing brand awareness or increasing conversions, all of them have one component that’s the same. Across all campaigns, aligning all the marketing channels, both inbound and traditional marketing, and media channels, so that they present a united front for the brand.

Excellent Results

A great benefit to the integrated marketing approach is that every aspect of the marketing campaign can come together. With traditional marketing campaigns, brands often have to set up different campaigns for different marketing channels. This means they receive press releases, sales promotions, advertising, and direct marketing, but the messaging and the ideas behind all of these tactics might greatly differ.

However, with integrated marketing, all of the mentioned tactics, and more, can come together. When the information is released to the press and the public, it can be supported with additional articles, sales teams, and marketing agencies. All of this leads to clear communications with the audience and improved sales.


When the target audiences only interact with the brand through one channel, they get used to a certain tone and voice. When those audiences look for the brand on other channels and find a different tone and voice, they can easily become confused because it’s unclear whether it’s the same brand with the same ideas as the one they’re familiar with.

This is another great advantage of integrated marketing, as brands won’t get the chance to confuse their clients or audiences. Virgo PR’s team can coordinate all of the different marketing efforts in the integrated marketing campaigns to ensure everything aligns with the core ideas and messages from the brand across all channels.

Media Coverage and Thought Leadership

One of the best ways a brand can step into the spotlight of the public and the media is through information and data, as everyone is always looking for new stories to share. Providing the media outlets and the target audience with news stories supported with strong evidence and research leads to even more media coverage. 

Aside from the media coverage, another marketing tool that’s highly sought after is thought leadership, leading to media coverage from relevant channels. Offering the mentioned research on relevant topics can also be done via social media, and it’s used to position a brand as a thought leader within their industry.