Top Examples of Great Ad Campaigns

During the pandemic, plenty of companies had to resort to creating digital targeted ad campaigns to reach their target audiences.

Businesses that want to improve their targeted ad efforts can learn a lot from some of the top ad campaigns that have been created in the last few years.


360Learning created a targeted advertising campaign that claimed that bringing any new information won’t be able to address the many issues that come with digital and remote learning.

That’s why, the company decided to promote an ebook, which was a great way to get a lot of members of the target audience to click through the ad to figure out how they could learn better without binging on information.

This campaign was a great way to begin the buying journey for a lot of potential customers that could generate a lot more sales for the company.


Another great example of a targeted ad campaign on Facebook is from Slack, which was launched during the pandemic.

The workplace messaging program company decided to create an ad that would target people highlighting how it might feel to have fewer in-person meetings, which became a big thing during the pandemic when everyone had to stay at home and isolate themselves for health reasons.

Then, Slack created an interesting offer by grabbing the attention of the target audience by showing how they might feel by attending about a quarter fewer meetings when companies start using the platform to communicate.


Peloton decided to create a banner ad that would be displayed on various websites that are visited by the target audience regularly.

Although the interactive bike manufacturing company started facing some slow down in growth and public controversies as the pressures of the pandemic started easing up, the targeted ad campaign that the company created was designed to speak to the people that are interested in the products but haven’t made a purchase yet due to the high price that is associated with them.

That’s why the company decided to provide these customers with a 100 day home trial period, with an option to return the product with a full refund at the end of the trial period. This way, the company managed to grab the attention and convert any customers that have been historically shown to be hesitant regarding making purchasing decisions with the brand, simply by giving them the opportunity to experience its solutions with fewer risks.

New York Times

The New York Times created a sponsored post on Facebook, that showed the users a piece of content from the outlet that similar target audiences would find interesting. The piece of content that the outlet promoted in question was all about the health habits that people in their 20s need to have.

Then, the outlet decided to target everyone using the platform in the age range that the content talked about. Although there might be some people inside that target audience that won’t be interested in the content simply because they’re not thinking about any of their health habits, everyone that does open up the ad has been primed to start engaging with the content that’s been targeted to them.