Top Lead Generation Strategies

Companies that haven’t started their lead generation efforts, or those that are looking to improve them need to know some of the top lead generation strategies that can help.

Lead generation is essential for business growth, but what’s even more important is generating high-quality leads that are a lot more likely to convert.


One of the most important lead generation elements is the value that companies provide to the leads in return for their contact information.

For most companies, this value is in the form of gated content, where if the lead wants to access a tool, piece of content, or a resource from a business, they have to provide contact information such as an email address.

Many companies tend to provide their leads with a PDF download such as a whitepaper or an eBook as the gated content, but they don’t have to utilize the same strategy all the time. In fact, plenty of people are interested in different types of resources, such as video content, case studies, webinars, or surveys, and all of those are great types of gated content.

No matter what type of gated content a company decides to utilize, at the end of the day, it has to be valuable to generate leads, otherwise, the leads are going to end up skipping the content as soon as they realize it’s not valuable to them.

To provide valuable content, companies need to figure out the pain points or obstacles that potential consumers have, and give their expertise or some form of solution to them, that’s going to make the lives of the leads a bit easier.

Additionally, to make gated content a part of a lead generation effort, it has to be presented in a great way, which means it needs to be visually appealing.

What that means is the gated content needs to be presented alongside different types of multimedia content like videos or images so that the leads will engage with it.

Landing Page

Another essential element in lead conversion efforts is the landing page, where the goal is to give the visitors only one choice – giving their contact information over in exchange for the valuable content that’s been previously mentioned.

Compared to advertising campaigns, landing pages tend to have higher conversion rates, usually over 10%.

However, if a company notices that the conversion rates of its landing pages are underperforming, there are several things that it can optimize to generate leads more effectively. Some of the first things that companies need to analyze are the headline of the landing page and the copy.

Both of them need to grab the attention of the leads and be engaging, sharp, and concise. The visitor needs to immediately understand what the company’s solution is, and how it’s able to ease their everyday life.

Additionally, instead of focusing on all of the different features of a solution, companies can focus on how the consumers can benefit from it to get better results from their campaigns.