Businesses and Gamification

Many employees have started getting bored in the workplace, and a great way that companies can solve this issue and improve employee morale is through gamifying the workplace.

In fact, according to recent studies, 90% of employees have increased their productivity when companies gamified their workplaces.

When companies provide exciting and dynamic ways for their employees to engage in the workplace, they excite their employees about their jobs and daily tasks. This, in turn, helps employees become more willing to work harder and become more productive. Having happy employees helps companies improve various KPIs including revenue.

Gamification Basics

Companies can take various everyday tasks that are mundane for employees, and make them a lot more fun by using gamification. Those tasks can be utilized with both employees, as well as the target audience of the company.

There are several ways that companies can implement gamification elements in the workplace, such as by keeping employee leaderboards, hosting games, offering rewards for productive employees, and holding contests. 

Even when companies are doing well and their employees are productive, introducing gamification elements can result in a 70% increase in motivation among the employees.

When to Implement

The gamification industry is growing at a rate of nearly 30%, and the biggest driving factor behind it is the recognition of employees.

What that means for companies is that their competitors are quickly adopting gamification in workplaces by creating a more attractive company culture, which means every business should join in and implement their own elements of gamification.

If a company’s competitors are gamifying their procedures and daily tasks, they’re creating a more enjoyable experience for both their employees as well as their customers.

Companies that are able to satisfy both their employees, as well as their target audiences are a lot more likely to develop long-term relationships with both parties, which could create brand advocates and increase revenue and growth.

Onboarding Success

More than half of all companies tend not to set employee onboarding milestones that are actually attainable for them. That means most new hires are doomed from the moment they’re employed.

Companies that aren’t setting the right targets and following up with their new hires can’t actually learn how those new employees are doing or feeling, or how they’re performing through the training process.

A great way to solve this issue is through onboarding gamification processes which can increase a company’s odds of retaining its employees over a longer period of time, while also ensuring that all of those employees get the training they need.

Companies can also implement similar gamification processes in their buying journeys and customer onboarding processes by giving the consumers a place where they can share their achievements throughout the buying journey.