Essential Email Marketing Tips

Every company should be using email marketing campaigns as a part of its overall marketing strategies.

It’s one of the easiest channels for companies to start using, and once they do, there are plenty of strategies that they can use to make their campaigns a lot more successful.

Split Testing

Companies that want to better understand how well their email marketing campaigns are performing should be utilizing split testing.

Split testing is a strategy that puts two or more similar versions of a single element against one another to compare the performance of each one.

For example, companies can split test how efficient similar calls to action are, with one having black text, while the other one has blue.

The goal of this strategy is for companies to find the top variations of some of the more common elements inside an email and ensure that every email has the best possible return on investment.

Split testing can help companies improve their conversion rates by nearly 400%.

There are plenty of different things that companies can split test for their email marketing campaigns including the subject lines, layout, font and image size, the color of the font and the buttons, the day and time when the emails are sent out, the copy inside of them, the images for the products, and more.

When companies are conducting split tests, they need to stick to a single variable at a time and figure out which goal the business wants to achieve with the test.

Businesses should also figure out which element is going to be the control, and which one is going to be one that’s meant to challenge that control element, and every group for split testing should be split randomly and equally.

Companies also need to decide which parameters are going to be tracked ahead of time so that when the business has significant results from the test, and can implement the right changes.

Rewarding Loyalty

When companies segment their email contact list, it becomes a lot easier for them to send out personalized emails, as well as keep track of and reward the customers that have been the most loyal in the past.

Companies can segment their email contact list by the greatest amount of money the customers have spent in the past, or by their long-term subscribers.

Then, businesses can provide these subscribers with some sort of exclusive experience that’s going to make them feel like the company values those people as customers, or give them another type of reward.

However, it’s important for companies trying to reward their longtime customers to avoid rewarding them with a discount as much as possible.

Loyal customers tend to know the value of a company’s products, which is why they’ve become so loyal, and giving them a simple discount can decrease the value of the brand for that customer.

Instead of giving them a discount, companies should always strive to provide them with an experiential reward.

Mike Paffmann is the CEO of Virgo PR. He has previously worked as a Vice President at Clarity PR, 5WPR, and Highwire PR.

Virgo PR is a full-service digital marketing and digital PR agency that caters to clients in all industries. Paffmann has over a decade of experience in the public relations industry and has provided diverse media relations programs for brands and corporations across enterprise, software, eCommerce, technology, and consumer apps of all sizes. He has worked with clients including IBM, Genies, Glint, Rebel Ventures, AppAnnie, Owl Labs, car2go, Vkanesee, and more.