Helping Audiences Understand Complicated Content Topics

Many companies have a difficult time creating content around complex topics in a way that’s going to be understandable by the target audience.

To improve their efforts companies first need to figure out the knowledge levels of the target audience and understand the topic they want to discuss well.

However, aside from that, companies should also be utilizing powerful storytelling to better convey the message that the topic is trying to explain, and work with industry experts on how to best approach the subject.

This way, companies can have an easier time creating content marketing efforts on topics that might be complicated for the audience.


One of the best ways that companies can learn more about a complicated subject is to simply talk to a subject matter expert or industry influencers that already possess the knowledge the company needs to gain.

This is one of the best ways for companies to create interesting content from complex information because most of the time the more complex a topic might be, the final product tends to be a lot less interesting for the target audience.

There are a few options that companies have in terms of communicating with experts on those subjects.

One of the options is to leverage any internal experts that a company has on those subjects.

Although these people might not be trained in how to create content, they have a lot of knowledge and expertise, which means a company can simply create a list of questions that they want to be answered, and then round up all of the questions and answers together to create several different content assets.

Another option is to communicate with external influencers or industry experts that are outside of the company. To do that, companies can make it as easy as possible for external experts to participate and get involved with the business and understand what benefit they’ll get from doing so.

Companies can also engage those experts to get the content they’ve created promoted, by providing them with social media content they can share, as well as giving them an individual tracking link so that the business can easily determine which types of content and which expert the target audience resonates with the most with.


Communicating with industry experts is only one element of the complicated process of simplifying complicated topics.

After the company has all the information it needs, it has to translate that information into an attention-grabbing story that’s going to be able to close the gap between the target audience and the business itself. Instead of relying on technical terms and jargon, companies should be utilizing stories and storytelling.

That means companies can either use customer stories that have already happened or create hypothetical stories that will help the target audience better understand and visualize all of the complex topics that the companies are trying to convey with their content.

The best way to go about this is to develop the entire story of the content around the target audience, i.e., the readers that will be consuming that content.

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