Top Marketing Strategies for Video Content

One of the key elements to the success of any company has become video marketing, and to create the best marketing strategy that’s based on video content, companies have to know which tactics they need to invest their time and money into.

Without knowing which strategies companies need to use, businesses can easily end up investing time and money into the strategies that have, on average, not generated the best possible results for most businesses, which results in losses.

Long Form Video

Nearly 40% of all companies have started investing in long-form video content because it’s one of the most effective types of content in terms of engagement, generating leads, and return on investment.

The ideal length for long-form video content is anywhere between three and six minutes, and most of these types of videos have an average watch time of 40% to 60%.

This type of video content has become so popular that even platforms like TikTok have started to embrace longer videos, and the app itself has started allowing videos that are 10 minutes long as of late because these types of videos tend to receive a significant amount of engagement.

Short Form Video

Another incredibly effective marketing strategy for companies is short-form videos, which are being used by around 60% of all companies.

Short-form videos in fact have the lead on engagement, lead generation, and return on investment out of any other type of content that’s available to companies.

Over 40% of companies have started planning to invest in short-form video content for the first time this year, and over 30% have decided to invest in this type of content a lot more compared to any other content format.

This information shouldn’t come as a surprise to any business when taking into consideration the fact that short-form videos have great odds of going viral across a multitude of digital spaces.

Social Media

In terms of sharing video content, the leading communication channels that companies use are social media platforms.

Furthermore, social media platforms give companies the biggest return on investment for video content with over 60% of companies stating that videos and social media platforms are the most effective for the generation of leads. In terms of the specific social media platforms, the best platform for engagement, lead generation, and return on investment is Instagram.

Another common tool that companies use to share video content with their target audiences is Facebook, but the platform doesn’t generate as much engagement and isn’t the best in terms of lead generation or return on investment.

However, another very effective and popular platform that companies utilize when sharing video content is TikTok, which has come in second place in terms of the engagement that companies can generate on it.

Video Marketing Strategies to Avoid

Although video marketing has become incredibly popular as a strategy that many companies have started relying on to generate positive results from their campaigns, there are several concepts in video marketing, as well as strategies that aren’t as effective that companies need to avoid.


As most companies know, social media platforms have a vital role in the performance of video marketing campaigns.

However, that’s only true for a certain group of popular social media platforms.

The effective platforms are along the lines of Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. On the other hand, there are plenty of other platforms that support video content as well as video ads that don’t generate positive results for companies.

Those platforms include Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, and Tumblr.

According to research, companies that decided to invest in creating video marketing campaigns on those platforms didn’t generate positive results including engagement or a return on investment for the companies.

That means companies that want to invest in video marketing campaigns to reach their target audience should avoid these platforms, and focus their efforts only on the ones that provide favorable results.

Screen Captured Videos

There are plenty of different types of videos that companies can make for their video marketing campaigns, such as showing the target audience behind-the-scenes content or including animations or graphics in the videos, and more.

However, out of all the types of videos that businesses can make, screen-captured videos have generated the lowest return on investment overall, even compared to other less popular types of videos such as animation or even live action.

These types of videos have also proven to be a lot less effective in lead generation efforts, as well as engagement rates.

Although plenty of companies have decided to leverage screen capture video content a lot more compared to any other type of video content, according to research, it’s best to avoid this style as it’s shown to be not as effective with audiences across a multitude of demographics.

User Generated and Nostalgic Content

The entire world by now is familiar with the fact that there’s been a resurgence in music, film, and TV show trends that are rooted in nostalgia and things that were popular in past decades.

These trends used to be incredibly popular just a couple of years ago too, with many audiences who enjoyed looking back on their past and being reminded of how things used to be.

However, any sort of nostalgic content has started underperforming in terms of lead generation, return on investment, as well as engagement.

That means companies should strive to create original and relevant or trendy content for their video marketing efforts if they truly want their marketing campaigns to succeed.

According to research, the same downward trend has started happening with user-generated content, which means that companies should be avoiding sharing the content that’s been created by their consumers as well.

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